enlarged liver, liver enlargementLiver enlargement as the word suggests refers to the increase in the size of the Liver. This enlargement or increase in the size of the liver is generally due to accumulation of fat in the liver cells. Therefore, this condition is also known as fatty liver. Sometimes the liver is unable to function properly and reduces the rate it breaks down or removes fat. Enlarged or fatty liver is a totally reversible condition. Ayurvedic treatment for liver enlargement is the best remedy available.

Also, there are multitudes of causes for an enlarged liver –

  • Alcohol is one of the most prominent reasons for a fatty liver. Excessive alcohol consumption over a prolonged period of time damages the liver cells and results in accumulation of alcoholic fats in the liver.
  • Medications also a play a crucial role. Using heavy medications for a particular treatment also leaves a harmful effect over the liver as liver is the only organ responsible for the breakdown of the consumed items.
  • Rapid weight loss sometimes can be harmful as well. Rapid weight loss disturbs the overall body functions.

Liver is one of the most important internal organs of our body as it is the only organ responsible for the breakdown of the food. Also, it eliminates toxins from the body as well. Hence, proper care should be exercised for keeping this organ healthy and functional. Planet Ayurveda’s products offer the most comprehensive Ayurvedic treatment for an enlarged liver. It also offers a large number of herbal compositions specially designed to treat liver enlargement effectively without any side-effect.


Planet Ayurveda Recommend The Following Combo Pack for The Ayurvedic Treatment of Enlarged Liver, Fatty Liver, Jaundice, Liver Cirrhosis, Alcoholic liver disease, Liver Failure and other liver diseases.




Product Dosage
Yakrit Plihantak Churna 1 teaspoonful twice daily
Phyllanthus Niruri Capsules 2 capsules twice daily
Echinacea Capsules 2 capsules twice daily
Liver Detox Capsules 2 capsules twice daily

Planet Ayurveda’s Yakrit Plihantak Churna- This herbal composition is a trusted ayurvedic formula and is considered highly effective in treating an enlarged liver and other liver disorders viz. Inflammation in the liver, liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. Yakrit Plihantak churna is an optimal combination of some rare herbs which have been used traditionally for treating fatty liver. A very comprehensive combination of all the liver care herbs, this powder or churna can be easily used for treating alcoholic liver disease, liver cirrhosis and other liver disorders. Planet Ayurveda’s Yakrit Plihantak churna has a classic combination of all the exquisite herbs which are entirely useful for detoxification of the liver as well. The ingredients of this wonder tonic as follows:-

  1. Sharpunkha (Purple Tephrosia) – One of the most effective herbal remedy for an enlarged liver. It acts as a natural alkaliser and helps in treating gas problems due to liver. It reduces acidic levels as well while pushing the process of regeneration of the liver cells.
  2. Kaasni (chicory) – Kaasni acts as a divine healing herb for a damaged liver. This herb helps in purification of the blood while healing the affected liver at an incredible pace. It is renowned formula for treating fatty liver.
  3. Kalmegh (king of bitters) – This is an excellent herbal remedy for fatty liver and other ailments associated with liver viz. alcoholic liver disease, hepatitis and liver failure. It is an effective herbal remedy which is used to eliminate accumulated toxins from within the liver while speeding the regeneration process of the liver cells. Kalmegh is an essential liver care herb found in almost every ayurvedic medication for liver treatment.
  4. Punarnava (Hogweed) – Punarnava is a famous herb knows for its detoxifying properties. It has the basic function of removing excess fat and water from the body while intricately rejuvenating the entire body. This rejuvenating herb removes the extra volume of fluid accumulated due to liver failure thereby freeing the body from harmful toxins.

Planet Ayurveda’s Detox Capsules– Liver is one of the pertinent organs in our body. It is entirely responsible for breaking down the food we consume, detoxifying or getting rid of foreign substances. It has a key role in most metabolic processes, especially detoxification. The liver has to through a complicated series to detoxify the body from the harmful substances. Hence, its own detoxification is absolutely mandatory.

Planet Ayurveda’s Detox Capsules consist of a combination of the herbs which are really helpful in this process. Some of the herbs present in this formula have been explained –

  • Kutki – Kutki is one of the main ingredients of this composition. Its medicinal properties are highly beneficial in treating liver cirrhosis. It is the root of this plant that acts as an effective herbal remedy in ayurvedic treatment for fatty liver. Kutki root supports liver functioning, normalizes liver enzymes, cools off the body and helps in boosting the immune system.

Phyllanthus Niruri Capsules – Planet Ayurveda’s Phyllanthus niruri capsules help in alleviating pain and discomfort and promotes production of healthy red blood cells as well. As the healthy red blood cells are introduced into the blood stream it helps in nourishing the other vital organs as well, thereby giving a two side advantage. Phyllanthus also has a property of cleansing the liver quite effectively which in turn reduces the burden off the enlarged liver and helps in an effective ayurvedic treatment for an enlarged liver.

Planet Ayurveda’s Echinacea capsules have an anti-infection property which fights away any kind of infection. This herb has two basic functions viz. completely eliminating any kind of infection and strengthening the overall immunity of the body. With its immune boosting properties, it plays a vital role in the overall development.

All the natural herbs used in the compositions produced by Planet Ayurveda have multiple benefits. These beneficial herbs are then mixed together and converted into an optimal mixture offering numerous advantages. Planet Ayurveda’s herbal compositions not only work towards the affected part or the organ but have an overall positive effect on the body which creates a feeling of well-being.